RIM announced the next generation BlackBerry phones it brought in a ton of new features in the phone. Better augmented reality apps, impressively stylish design, fluid-smooth interface and of course, a brand-new web browser.RIM has employed something it calls as Liquid Graphics that sprawls right from the device’s homescreen to the web browser and gaming zone.

Another cool feature was the Wikitude web browser by the Liquid Graphics.It offers incredibly smooth browsing experience, flawless pan and zoom, better navigation experience and much more. As far as the true substance is concerned, RIM claims that you can browse up to 40% faster than the previous BlackBerry browsers.Another interesting feature of the Wikitude browser is its support for augmented reality applications, and the ability to take full advantage of the BlackBerry 7 OS.

BlackBerry 7 OS Wikitude Browser ClickOther interesting features of the browser include the ability to blend real and virtual worlds “via the Camera viewfinder to provide immediate and relevant data about one’s surroundings.” One can also choose to use Wikitude browser with BBM6 to locate BBM buddies near by.

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