Would you buy this? Seriously, a pocket fan that runs off of an iPhone.pocket-fan-iphone

A manufacturer, or atleast what we think they are called HMB-Tec has come up with a gadget.

As they describe it from HMB-Tec, “Put an iPocketFan In Your Pocket. The “Summer Hit of 2010″. Hot days happen. Be cool with the iPocketFan, a pleasant, fresh breeze from the iPhone. Use our little mini-fan for office, club, holiday, car, beach, events, whenever it’s hot. Simply plug into the headphone jack, run the iPocketFan App from the App Store, and enjoy feeling fresh.” – o k a y!

Well the whole idea is that you plug in this fan into the iphone and a custom app is used to turn it on or off as desired.

HMB-Tec has also listed its specifications, which include no battery required, a max of 10mA current consumption,  Ipocket Fan App in the App Store and that the device is powered by the head phone jack. Priced at about 20 euros I am not sure if its worth draining your iphone battery!

HMB-Tec is a German based company that features manufacturing iphone accessories and also its apps to run them. Other devices they make that are similar are a heart monitor, thermometer, stethoscope (interesting one), breath controller etc., and these cost between $20 to $90.

Sure you might be spending way too much to have overloaded the battery and to have used it a little too much!


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One thought on “Would you buy this? HMB TEC Real Pocket Fan for iPhone”
  1. HAHAHA! Funny!
    I want this! (but not for 19,90 maybe for 9,90)
    It’s a kind of “hi-technology” and if i think about it…
    you have to be very “creative” to invent such gadgets. 😉

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