Food shortages around the world are on the rise. While food production is yet to catch up with the demand, one scientist is looking into being able to make food in his lab! Scientist Vladimir Mironov who is a biology and tissue engineer at the Medical University of South Carolina is working on growing cultured meat in the lab that can be consumed just like regular meat.

Mironov is part of a team of scientists who are spread around the world working on producing engineered cultured meat in their labs. In an interview with the Reuters, Mironov said that his work could help solve global food crises. He said that researchers are also looking at growing cows that don’t fart as much. Cows release methane which is a green house gas is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Mironov said that animals are inefficient in producing meat as they eat more which is also converted to waste. He said in the future, researchers and manufacturers will be able to design meat that is to your liking. “How do you want it to taste? You want a little bit of fat, you want pork, you want lamb? We design exactly what you want. We can design texture”, he said.

From test tube babies and cloning of animals, its now test tube meat! Would you have it?

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