xbox-kinect-bundleLooks like Xbox 360 will be awarded the 2010’s best selling console! Until october Nintendo DS was the best selling hard ware according to the NPD sales report for the US. Xbox 360 in october was rated the second best but with release of Kinect, which helped push sales to new heights.

The NPD group gathered information which said that Microsoft sold 325,000 Xbox 360s which was 30 percent more from 2009. “During the month, Xbox 360 secured six of the top 10 console game titles, including the top four titles overall, a feat never-before accomplished by a current-generation console,” Microsoft announced.

Kinect already sold over one million units worldwide and Microsoft has its eyes on selling more than 5 million by the end of the year. The new hardware is a major hit for Microsoft considering how well it works and all the cool tricks it do, thanks to its hackers. Sony and Nintendo have not shared any sales information with the press.

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