internet-data-hogISP’s around the world love to complain how much data is being downloaded by their networks and how over loaded their networks were. Recently AT&T had stopped subscriptions for iPhones in New York citing overloaded and congested networks. One Belgian ISP Telenet has come out with a report showing how serious the problem really is.

The ISP Telenet said that majority of its subscribers have reasonable amount of downloads in a month. However a few subscribers are considered bandwidth hogs who were downloading more than 2TB a month! The report was released earlier this month which said an analysis of the month of July this year said that Telenet’s single largest users used 2.7 TB of data in a one month time period.

Telenet claims that such acts justify bandwidth download caps that ISP’s are infamous for. Many ISP’s in the US have such caps which are either in “fine print” or are never informed to the customer. Such caps apply when the downloads cross a set limit and the ISP claims it as abuse of the system. Telenet said that bandwidth caps were needed and these were just a way to force customer to switch plans and to sign up to the next higher plan.

Telenet said that a typical customer can download about 2,680GB in a month and many ISP’s are not prepared to let users do that. Telenet has the fastest network in Belguim and offers high speed fiber optics to customers. Average broadband users data rates range from 2-6GB per month, according to Telenet.

You can visit Telenet here.

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