comcast_xfinityComcast is willing to take on internet TV and would allow iPad and Android tablet users to be able to watch 3,000 hours of on-demand content from Comcast including many TV shows and movies. Comcast said today that it will also stream live news and TV shows to the iPad and the Android tablets.

Comcast said that its on-demand functionality will come to its Xfinity TV app on the iPad followed by the app available for Android-powered tablets later this year. If you are a comcast subscriber, you will be able to access all the live TV and on-demand videos over your tablet via the app. Comcast also says that “thousands” of additional programming options will become available in the coming weeks.

Comcast CEO Brain Roberts said in a statement, “Live streaming and the play now feature on our Xfinity TV app are two important pieces of our strategy to deliver any content to any device, any time”.

With the Xfinity Comcast app, subscribers can remotely change channels, browse through listings and even program a Comcast DVR.

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One thought on “Comcast to allow Live TV on its iPad, Android Apps”
  1. With Comcast, you can view on- demand content on your Ipad outside of your home, which is cool, but when it comes to live TV you have to be confined in your home. It’s nice that they are trying to do something different, but I think I’m going to stay with my DISH Network. I already can set up my DVR recordings and use my phone as a remote. I also have a sling adapter and have the luxury of bringing my phone with me and watching live TV. It’s pretty cool!

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