androidGoogle today launched a preview video showing off its Android 3.0 also called Honeycomb. The video shows tablet features that Android 3.0 is said to offer. Google says that its Android 3.0 is a more tablet based OS while 2.4 was not really recommended for tablets.

Honeycomb, as Google says is built entirely for tablets. Android works on tablets but was never designed for them and this is Google’s first real attempt to enter the tablet market which is said to be big this new year. The homescreen looks a lot different and more suitable for a large screen.

From the video it looks like Honeycomb is divided into multiple blocks which are rearranged giving the tablet its real look rather than having a blown up smartphone look. The user interface was also worked up on and is much more faster and looks like Honeycomb is all set to offer great user experience.

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