One of the latest gadgets from Hammacher Schlemmer labs is a digital scale. A digital scale that can measure your weight. Most traditional digital scales are designed to satisfy the mere purpose of measuring your weight and displaying it on the screen. The Hammacher Schlemmer digital scale is different. It not only measures your weight but also projects it on the wall.

Using a projector lens that’s built near the head of the device, this digital scale projector casts out the digital readings on a wall or a flat-surface. Additionally, you can view the reading on a built-in 2” LCD. If you are wondering whether the projected readings will be viewable in full light, the answer is yes. This is seemingly possible since the projected readings will be in red color, and if the projection area is not red, you know it’d certainly work (see the picture below).

The projection lens can be customized to fit either at 2” or 6” height. The device, on the other hand, can measure weight in 0.1kg (0.2 lb) increments up to 250kg (550lbs). It weighs about 10lbs and requires a trio of AA batteries (included with the box) to work. It’s priced at $69.95 and can be gift-wrapped for just $6.95 if you are willing to gift this machine to your loved ones, for the sake of making them keep track of their weights and help avoid putting on those extra pounds by constant weight assessment.

Click here to know more or to get yourself one. It will be available for your purchasing pleasure on 15th of August, this year – of course.


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