While concepts are a practice in the design world that often leaves most people puzzled – are usually hit and miss, there are a few that really inspire closer scrutiny. Michel Jelinek, a Czech designer who likes his machines futuristic in the vein of Sid Mead. We couldn’t help NOT name dropping the guy who did illustrations for Blade Runner since he practically elevated the whole staid medium of designing sci-fi movies from lowbrow swill to breathtaking scale.

Michel’s work is simply amazing. The man has a powerful affinity for machines, illustrations of which he renders with digital technology. The interesting twist is he makes the viewer feel as if he were painting with oils like designers of yore (in the 70s). His latest stuff are also fixated on off road rides and what’s seen above is a cross-country snowmobile (?). For some reason, people who look at it will have an urge to construe where the laser guns are. None of that, however, as Michel seems to be in love with contoured machines whose very complexity makes them attractive.


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