Taiwan will be going LTE by 2015 completely and will get rid of its WiMax network completely. Taipei’s National Communications Commission NCC has said it will release its next lot of 4G licenses as early as 2013, which is two years earlier than it had planned. Although WiMAX is available in Taiwan, the rest of the world – and the carriers – have sided with LTE as it’s generally thought of as a superior technology.

Taiwan had been clinging onto the idea of being up and running on WiMAX over LTE with the support of Intel, before Chipzilla pulled out. The latest announcement from the NCC is designed to catch up with South Korea’s plans for 4G, reports the Taiwan Economic News. Allocated spectrum will be 700MHz or 2.6GHz. Then there will be 800MHz and 1,800MHz from 2G licence expiration. The Taiwanese government maintains that it is neutral to 4G technologies, but carriers are expected to go with LTE, in line with global trends.Commercial operation should begin in 2015.


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