Preorder for the much anticipated Verizon iPhone 4 starts today and news is that Verizon broke the first day sales records in just two hours according to the Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead. In a press statement today morning, the delighted CEO announced the record breaking sales. The CEO pointed out that the first two hours of sales occurred between 3am and 5 am eastern time.

Verizon is yet to give out the real numbers but preorders were stopped at 8:10 pm EST last night after staying open for 17 hours. Analysts estimate that atleast 100,000 iPhones must have been pre ordered. Infact some Verizon customers have already received mails indicating that their phones are on their way. The phone will be available at the Verizon stores from February 10.

Check out Verizon’s latest iPhone 4 commercial!

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